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A history of Bromley Bowling Club.......
  • Bromley Bowling Club was formed on April 18th 1888. This was fifteen years before the English Bowling Association was formed. Edward Packe became the Club’s first President. Thirty three years later, the club elected its first Captain. 

  • Dr. W.G. Grace the famous cricketer, who lived in this area often played on the green in Plaistow Lane. 

  • The club was a founder member of the Kent Bowling Association, The English Bowling Association, and The London and Southern Counties Bowling Association. 

  • In 1892 the committee decided that the green must not be used for ice skating as it would have been against the conditions of the lease of the club. 

  • In 1903 a party of visiting Australians and New Zealand played two friendly matches against Bromley. The Australians returned for a rematch in 1912. 

  • In 1921 R.G. (Bob) Colquhoun, the club’s most successful player joined. Bromley B.C; won the club single title a record seven times, was national champion, and won the British Empire Games Singles Championship in Canada in 1930. 

  • In 1946 Harold Macmillan (M.P. for Bromley from 1945 to 1964 and Prime Minister from 1957 to 1963) joined the club.

  • In 1992 The Ladies' Section was formed.

  • On Friday 27th April 2012 disabled toilet facilities were opened, these were built with a grant from the City of London's City Bridge Trust.

  • On Sunday 25th August 2013 BBC won the last ever Bowls England match to be held at Worthing to become National Champions.

  • In June 2014 Four Ladies from the Club Brenda Burles, Cathie Cook, Jackie Stead and Rita Scott-Douglas represented England in The British Isles Championships when they played Wales in St. Creaux, Jersey.

  • In July 2014 Four Men from the Club ,Eddie Hughes, Jim Keable, Ron Riley, and Bernie Todd,  represented England in The British Isles Championships when they played Wales at Royal Leamington Spa.

  • On September 1st 2018 Tom Outram-Haskins won the Gold Badge in the London and Southern Counties competition held at Bounds Green.

Dr WG Grace at Bromley Bowling Club

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