Welcome to
Bromley Bowling Club
Founded 1888

Affiliated to
 K.C.B.A.  L.&S.C.B.A.

Pictures from Finals at Bromley Bowling Club
 September 2019. (+3 seasonal highlights!)

The Men's Singles
Finalists John & Gary
 The Ladies Championship Finalists Sally & Gloria Two Wood Pairs Finalists Lou, Steve: David & Tom
Spencer Finalists
Derek and Ron.
Veterans Finalists.
Chris & Giogio
Packe  Pairs Winners
 Peter & Gary,  
The 100 Up Winner
Denise Porter
Ladies 2 Wood Pairs Final
Brenda, Stella, Denise, Jo
Taylor Bowl Winner
David Hudson
2 Wood pairs Runners Up
Julia and Brenda
Singles Runner-Up
John Harwood 
 Smee Winner
 Tom Outram Haskins
2019 National  Two Wood
Runner-Up Tom Bishop.
Quarter Finalists Top Club
Competition at Leamington
The Cox Cup
Runners-Up 2019
Well done to all the Competitors, Markers & Umpire Kevin who made the day
such a successful occasion,& special thanks to Comps. Secretary Steve Lovell

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